About BK b4 Barclays™

A Symbol of Pride

We made Brooklyn our own.

Our Stories

Preservation of the culture that made us.

Support for Economic Independence

Resources to success on our own terms.

The phrase "BK before Barclays" signifies that change or a shift in the culture after small local businesses were replaced by the glamour of Barclays and condos. Barclays is just one of many changes, but it represents a new territory that's not ours. A whole new demographic of people moved in with it.

Coffee shops, bars, co-working spaces and bike lanes replace bodegas and businesses that have served us for generations. We walk around our own neighborhoods, but are looked at as strangers. Our homes were torn down for new buildings that aren't meant for us. Good comes with the bad.

Now many of the people who were born and bred here are leaving, and they're taking the stories and the culture with them.

BK b4 Barclays'™ mission is to preserve our stories - our struggles, and more importantly, our successes. Along the way, we are creating a platform to share resources, knowledge, and connections to build economic success in the community, specifically through the stories of local small businesses. We want our Brooklyn to have a chance at success alongside the change.